Our Menu

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NEW! Bavarian Pretzel Bread Sticks – Served with Fat Tire Beer Cheese……………………….$5.49
Chips and Salsa – 
Homemade, best salsa with a touch of heat! …..$3.59
Ballpark Nacho Chips
– When a light snack is what you want — White corn chips with a spicy cheddar cheese sauce …..$3.59
Big Onion Bloom (B.O.B.) – Battered & fried Spanish onion with dipping sauce. Great for sharing …..$7.99
Fried Pickles – New! Your choice of beer battered spears or traditional chips, choice of dipping sauce …..$5.99
Chili Nachos – Zesty, cheese covered nachos topped w/ *HOT*or MILD chili and sour cream (please choose which chili) …..$7.59 (AVAILABLE FOR DINE IN ONLY.)
Saloon Fries – Home-style cut spuds, smothered with 2 cheeses & crumbled bacon. Served with sour cream and jalapeno peppers to enhance the great taste. Yum. …..$7.49
French Fries – Ours are crispy coated and delicious …..$2.59
Fried Button Mushrooms – Homestyle breading – not too heavy….. Just right and very tasty…$5.79
Chicken Chunks – Freshly made in house with all breast meat & Our own original breading. Comes with your choice of dipping sauce ON THE SIDE………$7.89
Fried Cauliflower – We start with fresh cauliflower dipped in our homemade batter & serve with Ranch dressing …..$6.39
Garlic Bread w/ Cheese – …..$3.79
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks – With pizza sauce for dipping ..$5.69
Jalapeno Poppers – Filled with cream cheese to temper the heat …..$6.29
Coney – Chili, cheese & onions (Choose *HOT* or MILD)…$2.29
Hot Dog – You choose the condiments…..$1.79
Bread Sticks
3 sticks and one sauce (your choice)…..$2.59
6 sticks and one of each kind of sauce…..$4.49
Sauces: Pizza or Spicy cheese Extra sauce…..$.60


Grilled Sandwiches
(Sandwiches & Hamburgers come with fries)
Grilled Chicken – Chicken breast with Honey Mustard sauce, lettuce & tomato on a Kaiser roll …..$8.29
Chicken and Bacon – Grilled chicken breast with Swiss cheese, crisp bacon and Honey Mustard sauce on a Kaiser roll …..$8.79
Reuben – Corned beef, sauerkraut, & Swiss cheese on Rye …..$8.99
Pork Tenderloin – Fried Texas T Tenderloin, mayo, lettuce & tomato on a Kaiser Roll …..$8.69
Grilled Cheese – American cheese on tasty Texas toast – Warm and full of flavor …..$5.69
Ham Cordon Bleu – Ham, Turkey, Swiss cheese, with Mayonnaise on Texas toast …..$8.29
Fried Fish – (beer battered and fried white fish) comes with lettuce and tartar sauce — Delicious …..$8.79
Italian Sausage – Grilled with sauteed onions, mushrooms,green peppers, topped with pizza cheese served on a sub bun …..$8.29

Basic Burger with lettuce, tomato & you choose condiments on a hamburger bun …..$7.99
Patty Melt – Swiss cheese & sauteed onions on Texas toast ..$8.49
Cowboy Burger – Spicy ground chuck, grilled onions, jalapenos & BBQ sauce on a Kaiser roll. Mighty Tasty!.$8.49
Swiss and Mushroom – Sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a Kaiser roll…..$8.49
Extra cheese $1.00 Sauteed onions or mushrooms $ .85

Our hamburgers are cooked medium well because
undercooked meat can cause food borne illness.


Served with chips & pickle dine in only
Half $4.99 Whole $8.49

Meatball – Homemade meatballs covered with a special wine sauce and cheese
Turkey – Mound of succulent turkey breast with cheese, tomato, lettuce and special sauce
Classic Submarine – A zesty sub with ham, luncheon meats, salami, cheese, tomato sauce, sweet banana peppers and onions
Italian Steak – Baked cubed steak, Italian sauce, cheese, onion and sweet banana peppers
Mushroom Steak – Baked cubed steak, mushroom gravy, cheese, onion and sweet banana peppers
Ham and Cheese – Ham and provolone cheese, your choice of condiments

Extra charge for added items Half $.55 ea Whole $.90 ea

Specialty Pizzas

Hawaiian – White sauce, cheese, ham & pineapple

BBQ Chicken – Breast meat with BBQ sauce, 2 cheeses, and onions

Buffalo Chicken
– Breast meat in our own wing sauce & 2 cheeses

– Our healthiest pizza – Feta & Pizza cheeses, fresh yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, capers, olive oil. No pizza sauce – just great taste.

Taco Pizza – Our crust, no pizza sauce, refried beans, pizza cheese, ground chuck, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes & sour cream

Reuben Pizza – By Popular Demand! Special Sauce, Corned Beef, Cheese, and Sauerkraut, Give it a Try!

6” – $6.00 9” – $11.55 13” – $17.50 15” – $20.85

Our Original Pizza

Gluten-Free Crust available on 9″ Pizza $3.00 extra

Pepperoni Sliced Tomatoes Green Olives
Sausage Boiled Ham Black Olives
Mushrooms Anchovies Bacon
Onions Pineapple Banana Peppers
Green Peppers Sauerkraut Jalapeno Peppers

Choose from the Above Ingredients

My Pie 6" Small 9” Medium 13” Large 15”
Plain Cheese $3.55 $6.95 $11.40 $13.40
Any 1 Ingredient $4.15 $8.05 $12.05 $15.25
Any 2 Ingredients $4.75 $9.15 $14.30 $17.10
Any 3 Ingredients $5.35 $10.25 $15.75 $18.95
Deluxe Special $6.00 $11.55 $17.50 $20.85

( Deluxe Special Includes onions, green peppers, and any three ingredients)

Vegetarian $6.00 $11.55 $17.50 $20.85

(Tomatoes, Mushrooms, onions, Black Olives, Onions Green Peppers)

Extra Ingredients $.60 $1.10 $1.45 $1.85
Extra Sauce $.30 $.70 $1.00 $1.20


Our own “barely breaded” style

Six Wings with one sauce – $7.49 Twelve Wings with up to two sauces – $12.99 30 Wings with up to 5 sauces $26.99

Choices: No Sauce , Mild , Hot, Hottest, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan

All drums add $1.25 per pound

Celery $.85 Ranch Dressing $.95 Bleu Cheese $1.05

Prices subject to change without notice 3/12/15

Soups & Salads

Soup of the Day Homemade – warm and soothing. It reminds you of grandma’s home cooking…..$4.49

Chili – Extra *HOT* or MILD Topped with cheddar cheese …$4.59

Garden Salad – Crisp lettuce mix & croutons …$2.89

Crispy Chicken Salad Chicken Chunks tossed in your choice of sauce served over fresh lettuce mix, eggs, tomatoes, cheddar cheese & croutons w/ choice of dressing …$9.29

Deluxe Dinner Salad – Crisp lettuce, diced red cabbage, carrots, cheddar cheese, green olives, onions & croutons …$4.69

Chef’s Salad – Crisp lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, turkey, ham, eggs, tomatoes, cheddar cheese & croutons …$9.29

Taco Salad – Mound of fresh lettuce topped with chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, surrounded by crisp nacho chips …$7.59

Mediterranean Salad – Spring mix lettuce, grilled chicken, egg, feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, & our Greek dressing …$9.29


Italian Spaghetti A la carte Dinner
Plain Sauce $4.99 $7.59
Meatballs OR Mushroom only $6.49 $8.99
Meatballs and Mushrooms $7.59 $9.99
Chili Spaghetti Choose Hot or Mild $6.99 $9.39


Parmesan Chicken – A classic Italian dish made in our own special sauce. It comes with one breadstick………………..$11.49
Add a garden salad for only $1.00 more.

Beer Battered Fish – Two delicious pieces of flaky white fish deep fried to perfection, plus French fries & Coleslaw…$13.99 Half Order …$9.79


Applesauce .....$1.59 Garlic Bread.....$1.79
Macaroni & Cheese .....$2.59 French Fries .....$2.59
Creamy Cole Slaw .....$1.89 Garden Salad .....$2.89


6” Cheese Pizza …..$4.99
& small brownie

Macaroni & Cheese…..$4.39
applesauce & small brownie

Grilled Cheese …..$4.99
Grilled cheese sandwich, applesauce & small brownie

Hot Dog …..$4.99
potato chips & small brownie

Chick-N-Dippers (4)…..$4.99
Potato chips & small brownie
(choice of Ranch or BBQ dipping sauce)

All kid’s meals include a choice of a small
Soft Drink or milk – no substitutions, please.